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Chlor-o-Safe Advanced

Chlor-o-Safe Advanced

Skid mounted Chlor-o-Safe Advanced

Advanced unit for Chlorine disinfection

Download Technical Data 

Download Technical Data 


  • Standard range of units (80 – 2400 gr Chlorine/h)
  • For higher capacities consult Your local ElectroCell representative
  • Units available with capacities up to 20 kg chlorine/h/Cell module


Application areas:

  • Municipal water plants
  • Swimming pools
  • Food industry
  • Industrial plants
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Cooling towers
  • Power plants
  • Chemical manufacturers


The system is developed with high focus on:

  • Safety and environment
  • Energy consumption, efficiency and capacity
  • Functionality, flexibility and dependability
  • The product, sodium hypochlorite (<1%), is produced from saturated NaCl brine (salt) solution and soft water.


Chlor-o-Safe Hypochlorite Generator - The fully integrated solution for disinfection

The Chlor-o-Safe system developed by ElectroCell is an advanced hypochlorite generator, based on high technology, and serves as a fully integrated solution for disinfection of all kinds of different polluted media.

This mixture is fed into an electrochemical reactor whereby electric current is applied to produce the disinfectant.

The hypochlorite production is automatically controlled, depending on the required and needed quantity at the dosing point.

Since the electrochemical process also generates hydrogen (H2), the system is equipped with a degassing vessel and a controlled and monitoring air-flow in order to dilute hydrogen under its explosive limit (with a 4 time safety margin being 1 %).

Dosing of the hypochlorite solution to the dosing points can be handled directly from the internal degassing vessel or from a separate external storage tank.


External measuring equipment and pH adjustment

As a compliment to the Chlor-o-Safe concept, ElectroCell also offers units in cabinets for control of pH-value by hydrochloric acid (HCl) or sulphuric acid (H2SO4) dosing. And furthermore supply a range of measuring devices for chlorine, pH, ORP etc.

Contact Your local ElectroCell representative for discussing Your specific needs.


Hypochlorite production

The hart of the Chlor-o-Safe system is the electrochemical cell. The unit is in principle built up by parallel electrode plates (anodes + cathodes). Between these plates a controlled amount of salt solution (approx 20 – 30 gram of NaCl), is injected.
The production of hypochlorite is basically done when applying DC current by simultaneously reaction of Cl2 (chlorine gas) with sodium hydroxide (NaOH). This will simultaneously react according to:

2 Cl- → Cl2 + 2 e- (anode)
2 H2O + 2 e- → 2 OH- + H2 (cathode)

2 NaOH + Cl2 → NaClO + NaCl + H2O (total)

The solution will approx contain:

NaClO ~ 8 g Cl2 / L (NaOH ~ 0.001 g/L, water and residual salt)

The integrated degassing vessel with air-flow ensures that the produced hydrogen is safely vented out of the system and the produced hypochlorite is fed from the bottom of the vessel directly to the dosing point “In-line” or optional to an external storage tank.
The production of hypochlorite will automatically stop when the level sensor reaches “max level” or actual alarms occur. In the same way a “low level” sensor will re-start the production.


Features, Controls and Alarms

The hypochlorite generator is controlled by a PLC-unit with integrated “touch-screen” on the control cabinet where all necessary information can be shown.
The integrated control system includes control / monitoring of operation and safety functions, on the complete system:

  • Sensor / alarm for leakage
  • Temperature sensor in degassing vessel and surroundings
  • Control of air-flow through degassing vessel (hydrogen safety)
  • Production control by level sensors (min / low / max)
  • Flow control for soft water to cell
  • Control of water softener unit (production will not stop during regeneration of water softener !)
  • Control of dosing rate at ejector pumps (or membrane dosing pumps)
  • The control system will self-detect if it is running in frequency-modulated mode or by signals from local measuring device
  • Various control functions can be added on demand (option)
  • The system can be integrated with external chlorine measuring equipment (option)
  • Outlet alarm signals for remote detection are available (option)
  • Outlet signals can be integrated with CTS (option)



The system can be build as a “Buffer” (external storage tank) or an “In-line” solution where dosing is done by membrane dosing pumps or suction with ejector pumps.

Ejector dosing is preferable while the hypochlorite is kept under equalized pressure (or vacuum) with low risk of leakage and injury on operators. Membrane dosing pumps however will typically be used at lower dosing capacity requirements.

The dosing is controlled by pressure difference over the ejectors at each dosing point. The amount of dosing is adjusted by control valves and the consumption of hypochlorite is set by frequency modulated pumps controlled by signals from “external” measuring equipment.

Both solutions (”Buffer” / ”In-line”) have the possibility to manage an ”unlimited” amount of independent dosing points.

Contact Your local ElectroCell representative for discussing Your specific needs and amount of dosing points.