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Electro Syn Cell

Electro Syn Cell
Electro Syn Cell
Electro Syn Cell

Electrode area 0.01-0.2 m²

Technical Data

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General Description

The Electro Syn Cell has been designed on lines of the traditional plate-and-frame filter press, but there are important differences between our patented cells and other cells on the world market today.

The Electro Syn Cell is composed of electrodes stacked together with ion exchange membranes or porous separators in between, if needed. The electrodes and membranes are attached to specialty designed injection-moulded frames made of polymer material in such a way that the electrolyte is circulated inside the frames between the coherent systems of electrolyte chambers (intervening space between electrodes and membranes).

Modules of the desired size are obtained by adding on frames with electrodes and membranes. The projected electrode area of such a module can be in the range from 0.04 m2 to 1.04 m2 and in certain conditions twice this. By electrically connecting several modules in series, cell systems of different sizes can be obtained. In this case. electrolyte is circulated between modules via an external parallel-feed-manifold arrangement See further the exploded view.

The cell modules and the cell systems are designed for continuous processes as well as batch operation. In production plants made up by many modules, maintenance work when required - the replacement of membranes, for example - can be done on one module at a time while the rest of the plant remains in operation. Injection moulded cell parts are available in several materials which are chosen to suit the electrolysis conditions. Typical materials are polypropylene (PP). polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).

The electrodes used in electrolysis are dependent upon the reaction to be carried out, and a wide selection of different electrodes are available, including Pt on Ti. DSA®, PbO2 on Ti. graphite, Pb, stainless steel, Cu, Ni, Zn, Sn. Other materials for frames and electrodes, can also be supplied on request.


Optional cell configurations

Assembly variations of the Electro Syn Cell components permits a variety of optional cell configurations almost similar to the Electro MP Cell. Consult Your local ElectroCell representative for further information.

The Electro Syn Cell is a unique patented electrochemical cell. The expertly designed and engineered cell has extremely good flow and current distribution. The injection moulded frames and O-ring seals assure tightness to membranes and prevent leakage.



Electro Syn Cells can be purchased in units with a small number of electrode elements for process studies on a laboratory scale. When these tests yield satisfactory results, the cell is easily scaled up to pilot or production site, step by step as desired. Since the cell modules in a pilot or production plant are made up of the same precision manufactured electrode elements as those used in the laboratory scale, there is no risk of obtaining poorer results when the cells are scaled up.

Cell modules are easily interconnected into a multi module Electro Syn Cell System. Interconnections and supports of approved design as well as all other service systems can be supplied with all the EC cells.



The Electro Syn Cell has a number of major benefits as regards such points as function, ease of handling and economy. Examples of economical and technical advantages of the Electro Syn Cell System:

  • Simple cell design reduces maintenance and shut-down time and ensures high availability, thereby yielding good operation economy.
  • Divided or undivided operation
  • Modest capital expenditure for the cell.
  • The modular system design (0.04-1.04 m2/module)
    permits easy scale up with retained performance and thereby cuts economic risk connected with transfer from laboratory tests to full-size commercial operation.
  • Expand by simply adding modules.
  • The modular design permits sizing to match production requirements.
  • Versatile system. Easily interchangeable electrodes in many different materials are available, giving rise to numerous possible electrochemical processes using the same equipment.
  • Minimal corrosion problems with choice of correct cell parts. Only plastic and electrode material in contact with electrolyte.
  • Controlled and uniform flow distribution - no stagnant zones.
  • Turbulent promotors providing very good mass transfer.
  • Electrolyte chamber and channels designed to facilitate gas escape.
  • Narrow electrode gap.
  • Low voltage drop in current conductors.
  • Monopolar design (bipolar on request).
  • Leakproof construction - environmental problems in processes invoking toxic or Hazardous substances reduced to a minimum.
  • Flexible choice of material.
  • The Electro Syn Cell components are available oft-the-shelf.
  • High operating reliability has been proven by several hundreds of cells in operation.
  • On-site production is now economically competitive when compared to external sources such as chlorine-alkali, especially when capacity demands are low.