High quality electrochemical cells and systems

Micro Flow Cell

Micro Flow Cell

Electrode area 0.001 m²

Technical Data

Technical Data, all cells


  • Small lab evaluations of electrochemical processes when
    minimal flows and chemical use are requirements
  • Process studies with expensive chemicals
  • Screening tests on different chemicals, electrodes, membranes and sealing material
  • Evaluation of different fuel cell- and redox concepts



  • Possibility of 4 different electrolyte flows (more flows on request)
  • Possibility of installing reference electrode(s)
  • Effective area of electrodes is 0.001m²
  • Leak-proof construction
  • Gas diffusion electrodes can be installed
  • Set of electrode kits available in addition to the cell (see technical data for electrode materials)
  • Designed to allow for internal heating / cooling
  • Small internal cell volume
  • Turbulent promoter for improved mass transfer
  • Further laboratory equipment available with cell on request 


From lab, pilot to production

The ElectroCell range of modular membrane cells has a backing of over 30 years experience in research and development in the electrochemical field. From lab, pilot to production:

Micro Flow Cell: Electrode area 0.001 m²
Electro MP Cell: Electrode area 0.01-0.2 m²
Electro Syn Cell: Electrode area 0.04-1.04 m²
Electro Prod Cell: Electrode area 0.4-16.0 m²