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Electro Prod Cells

Pilot and Full-Scale Production Units engineered to suit a variety of electrochemical process applications.

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General Description

The Electro Prod Cell has been designed on the lines of the traditional plate-and-frame filter press having electrodes stacked together with ion exchange membranes or porous separators in between, if needed. Electrodes and membranes are attached to specially designed injection moulded frames made of polymer materials. Modules of desired size are easily obtained by adding on frames with electrodes and membranes. The projected electrode area of such a module can be 0.4 m² to 16 m² and under certain conditions much larger.


With all optional features available, the Electro Prod Cell has proven to be well suited for synthesis of a wide range of organic and inorganic chemicals within e.g. the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, petrochemical and food industry.

Other applications are hypochlorite type processes and processes within the environmental field such as recovery of acids and bases from different waste salt solutions.

Skid mounted system for production of sodium hypochlorite solution equivalent 150 kg Cl2 / 24 hours.

Important Features

  • Turbulent promotors for good mass transfer
  • Uniform flow distribution - no stagnant /ones
  • O-ring seals and injection moulded cell parts to ensure a leak-proof construction
  • Internal flow distributing channels
  • Modular construction - easy scale up
  • Monopolar optional bipolar design
  • Flexible choice of materials
  • Numerous cell configurations
  • Adaptable to many unconventional electrode materials achieving “flow-by”, “flow-across” or “flow-through” pattern.
  • Simple, compact and robust
  • Variation of flow rates over a wide range
  • Divided or undivided operation
  • Interchangable electrodes in many different materials
  • Narrow electrode gap — low power consumption
ElectroCell´s pilot facility for process evaluations.

Optional Cell Configurations

The engineering behind the Electro Prod Cell allows a number of different alternatives to be achieved. The adjacent Alternatives 1-7 illustrate some combinations possible. By repeating or combining the cell pitch, a whole module of the specific characteristic is built up.

Certain processes require unconventional electrode materials, controlled electrode temperature, specific flow patterns etc. The Electro Prod Cell can in most cases easily be adapted or modified to meet these needs.

Porous electrodes made of e.g. particles, felt or “spongy” materials can be fitted to achieve high specific electrode area.

The electrolyte flow can be: “flow-by’, “flow-through” or “flow-across’ and controlled by dimensioning of electrode gap and flow distributing channels. Frames for gas distribution or cooling/heating media can be incorporated to obtain conditions that certain processes require.

Specially designed frames are used to build up the cell pitch for electrolysis/electrodialysis shown in Alternative 3 and 4.

Most of the monopolar alternatives shown in Alternatives 1-7 are available in bipolar configuration.

Exploded view of 2-compartment monopolar module.
Exploded view of 3-compartment monopolar module.

Flexible Design

The unique design allows for great flexibility in choice of materials. Injection moulded cell parts in several materials are available to suit different conditions. Typical materials are polypropylene (PP), polyvinvlidene fluoride (PVDF) etc. In addition to conventional electrode materials such as precious metal oxides on Ti, Pt on Ti, PbO2 on Ti, Cu, Ni, Pb, graphite etc., the cell modules can be equipped with porous electrodes of different materials to increase the effective electrode area. Internal cooling or heating of electrodes is in most cases possible as well as choice of interelectrode gap. Attachment of membranes to frames and hydraulic compression/decompression are other optional features.

3-compartment cell module assembled on turnable skid.

Monopolar / Bipolar

The Electro Prod Cell is available as standard in 1, 2, 3 or 4-compartment monopolar or bipolar design.

Monopolar units can be divided in ”voltage steps” in order to limit size and cost of power supply.



Alternative 1: Conventional two-electrode membrane cell with two electrolytes, “flow-by”
Alternative 2: Combining above with internal cooling/heating or gas diffusion electrodes
Alternative 3: Combining Alternative 1 with provision for electrodialysis
Alternative 4: 4-compartment cell with combination of electrolysis and electrodialysis
Alternative 5-7: Porous three-dimensional structures
Alternative 5-6: Two electrode membrane cell with “flow across” pattern
Alternative 7: Two electrode membrane cell with “flow through” pattern

Technical Data

Dimensions (monopolar) 2-compartment 3-compartment
Cell module dimmensions (max):
Projected electrode areas 16 m2 (2-comp.) and 12 m2 (3-comp.) respectively
hight 1030 mm
width 1040 mm
length 1160 mm
1030 mm
1040 mm
1120 mm
Pipe connections Flanges Flanges
for pipe diam.
90 mm
for pipe diam.
90 mm
Electrolyte Flow Data     
Electrolyte flow per module:
Projected electrode area
16 m2 (2-comp.) and 12 m2
(3-comp.) respectively.
10-600 1/min 75-400 1/min
Electrolyte flow per cell: 5-30 1/min 5-30 1/min
Flow rate in each cell: 0.05-0.4 m/s 0.05-0.4 m/s
Pressure drop in module
(water 50

0.5-16 kPa

0.5-16 kPa
Maximum working temperature: Dependent on choice
of frame material
ElectricalData 2-compartment 3-compartment
Projected electrode area max: 16 m2 12 m2
Projected electrode area min: 0,4 m2 0,4 m2
Current density max: 4 kA/m2 4 kA/m2
Electrode gap: 1-4 mm 7-10 mm
Material spec.    
Electrode materials: Precious metal oxides on Ti for O2 and Cl2 evolution, Pb02 on Ti, Pt or Ir on Ti, stainless steel, Zn, Ni, Cu, Sn, and graphite. Others and misc. alloys on request.
Injection-moulded frames and other plastic components: PVDF, polypropylene, or other thermoplastic materials on request.
Membranes: Ion-selective membranes
Gaskets (O-rings): Flourianted, silicone or nitrile rubber or others on request.
Misc: End plates, bolts and supports are made of stainless steel. Other materials on request.

From lab, pilot to production

The ElectroCell range of modular membrane cells has a backing of over 15 years experience in research and development in the electrochemical field. From lab, pilot to production:

Micro Flow Cell: Electrode area 0.001 m²
Electro MP Cell: Electrode area 0.01-0.2 m²
Electro Syn Cell: Electrode area 0.04-1.04 m²
Electro Prod Cell: Electrode area 0.4-16.0 m²


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